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Bacon Jam Bloody Mary

Bacon Jam Bloody Mary

Make Skillet at home! Get a Bacon Jam Bloody Mary kit only at Skillet Restaurants. Each kit includes Bacon Jam, Bacon Salt, Bloody Mary Mix & recipe! Only available at Skillet Ballard, Skillet Capitol Hill, Skillet Regrade (at 6th & Lenora) and Skillet Seattle Center.

Bacon Jam Infused Vodka
The not so secret way that we make our Bacon Jam infused Vodka for the Bacon Jam Bloody Mary.

Serving Size: 750 ml


4 tablespoons Skillet Original Bacon Spread
750 ml Vodka


Heat 4 tbsp Skillet Bacon Spread. Add to 750ml Vodka. Infuse for 48 hours. Strain bacon jam and filter remaining vodka through a coffee filter or cheese cloth. Repeat as necessary.

Do you only need the bacon jam? Always available at