Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. 1. Do you have a food and beverage minimum?
    We do have food and beverage minimums for our full service level of catering.
    Staffing, service fees and tax bill are in addition.
    June 1 thru October 15:
    • Fridays - $2000
    • Saturdays - $3000
    • Sunday – Thursdays - $1000
    October 16 thru May 31:
    All days have a $1000 minimum with the exception of New Year’s Eve, which is $3000.
  2. 2. Are you a full service caterer?
    Yes. We can provide chefs, servers, bartenders, coordinators, and event managers. We can coordinate and order all your rental items and bar needs. We will even work with you on your floor plan, logistics, and coordination with other third parties.
  3. 3. How far do you travel?
    The Airstream is born to travel. We have worked from Portland to Bellingham and from the San Juans to Walla Walla.
  4. 4. What styles of service can you do?
    We can support several service styles: buffet, family style, plated, or classic street food style directly from the truck. Our favorite is family style: it is relaxed and comfortable, no one needs to stand in line.
  5. 5. Do you always bring the truck?
    No, not always. There are several service options that do not require the truck. If there is a kitchen at your venue or your home, we can certainly use those facilities to prepare food. We can also set up a mobile kitchen if there are locations where it is not practical to bring the truck. And finally, we can build a menu of food options that are prepared in advance, ready to serve by our staff of servers, event managers, and bartenders.
  6. 6. Do you supply plates, cups, and silverware?
    We offer in-house aluminum camp plates, mason jars, and mish mash silverware. We also have a line of compostable dinnerware. If you are looking for something specific, one of our event reps can help manage rental of your dinnerware for your party.
  7. 7. How many people can you serve?
    We can handle groups as small as 10 and as many as several thousand.
  8. 8. We love Skillet… how do we book you?
    Feel free to fill out the quote request form. We'll reach out with a response to gather a few additional details, and we can get working on an event proposal for you!

    Our proposals are pretty detailed, and include info on all the services we provide, all that your venue provides, and what we'll lean on to you provide, along with an estimated grand total. We can tweak details as needed, until you feel like we're absolutely the ones for you! At this point, we'll send along an event contract that maps out our terms of service, and collect a 50% deposit to officially get on our books.

    We work on a strict first-come, first-serve basis, so no dates are held until a deposit is collected and a contract is signed. Details like your guest count, timeline and menu are flexible until 10 days prior to your event. We know many of these details are still in flux when shopping for a caterer, so there’s definitely time to hash out details after signing a contract. 10 days before your event, we'll want everything to be set in stone, and we'll bill for your corresponding remaining balance based on any changes that may have happened during the planning process.