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Eggshells for the Garden!

We have so many eggshells after brunch, we hate to send them off to compost, so we save them for you! We bake them (to clean them) and grind them up into a powder. You can find them at Skillet Capitol Hill, and Skillet Ballard. Just look for the planter full of small bags ready for you to bring home and grow your garden!

The ground eggshells are full of calcium that helps the cell walls of a plant, building healthy plant growth. The eggshells give added minerals to the soil. Till them into the soil in the fall or mix them into the soil in the spring. The fine crushed shells can help a newly plant thrive and mixed with coffee grounds, they can give needed nutrients for plant survival.

Tomatoes and squash love the eggshells, they help prevent blossom end rot. Your potted plants also enjoy the added nutrients. Even your compost can benefit from the extra calcium.

Tag your photos successful garden photos with #skilletgarden summer so we can watch them bloom!