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Throwback Menu

Skillet is 10 years old this year! We are bringing back a few favorites! Each month’s special is a seasonal item picked from our past menus. If you remember them from back in the day, or just love them today, let us know your story! Post on social media with #skillet10 or email us at!

Each dish is available all day, all month long, at all our restaurants, and once a month on the food trucks.
january – JBLT – jowl bacon, gem lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli, brioche
february – “lamby” joe – lamb, raisins, cucumber mint radish slaw, moroccan spice, potato roll
march – lemongrass pork sammy – pickled ginger aioli, cilantro nappa cabbage slaw, crunch roll
april – porchetta sammy – hazelnut gremolata, herb goat cheese, arugula, potato roll
may – kimchi pork belly sammy – house kimchi, pickled ginger, scallion, gochujang aioli, baguette
june – fresh pasta – english peas, sorrel, reggiano, basil bread crumbs
july – blackened sockeye sammy – pickled shallot, meyer lemon aioli, arugula, potato roll
august – halibut ‘n hand-cuts – malt vinegar tartar sauce
september – prawn sammy – horseradish crème fraiche, sweet corn, charred shallot, brioche hoagie
october – ancho rubbed pork shoulder sammy – cilantro radish slaw, chili lime crema, potato roll
november – tri-tip sammy – pickled peppers, arugula, roasted garlic aioli, potato roll
december – confit pork belly sammy – garlic herb spread, arugula, sweet harissa aioli, potato bun