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Whole Pig Roast for UW!

To celebrate the completion of construction on the utilities studies facility on the University of Washington. The team at Mortenson had us roast a whole pig to feed their construction crew upon completion of the project!

The crew of about 100 guests watched our Chefs pull the pig from the smoking La Caja China Box and lifting it up to the table. Chef Dave cut up the whole pig in front of the group and immediately started serving the group. The soft pork and crispy skin was definitely the main attraction, but the corn on the cob, mac and cheese, cornbread and salad we perfectly paired for a great summer lunch.

Before we arrived, we took a lot of time preparing. We sourced our pork from Carlton Farms in Oregon, a family-owned business that specializes in premium fresh and natural meats. Chef Dave then rubbed the pig with our house adobo rub and injected the hams, shoulders, and under the skin with our house mojo sauce. He let it marinate with sliced oranges for 28 hours in our walk-in refrigerator. Next, the whole pig went into La Caja China Box and covered with charcoal. It slowly roasted for 8 hours. When it was almost done, we flipped the pig to get a nice crispy skin on the back. When you cook the pig slowly, it locks in the flavor and transforms the skin into crispy chicharrĂ³n.

Thanks for having us Mortenson! Happy to feed your crew anytime!