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Skillet Catering Whole Pig Roast

Skillet Catering Pig Roast

Skillet knows how to cook pork, however, the whole pig is an unique event!

The communal event is a distinct experience. Suitable for groups of 50 to 500 we roast the perfect size pig (or pigs) to feed your hungry group. Our Chef pulls the whole pig from the smoking La Caja China Box and delivers it to the table. The Chef breaks up the whole pig in front of your guests and those smokey primal cuts are sliced and served on the spot. The end result is a succulent pork and crispy skin that is a treat for your senses.

We source our pork from Carlton Farms in Oregon, a family-owned business that specializes in premium fresh and natural meats. We then rub the pig with our house adobo rub and inject the hams and shoulders, under the skin, with our house mojo sauce. We let it marinate with sliced oranges for a minimum of 24 hours in our walk-in refrigerator. We then place the whole pig into La Caja China Box and cover the box with charcoal. It slowly roasts for 8 hours as we are adding more charcoal every 2 hours. We flip the pig when it’s almost done to get a nice crispy skin on the back. This slow roast process and keeping the skin intact locks the juices into the meat. It also transforms the skin into crispy chicharrón and all the good fats turn into crispy flavor. The Chef pulls the tender pork and the crispy skin into a mix that is unlike any other pork dish. Sides could be beans, rice tortillas, and a latin beet salad, or slider sized potato rolls and cilantro and lime cabbage slaw. We can customize to any style.

Skillet Catering handles the time and planning of your pig roast to give you a summer celebration event which you will remember for years.

Skillet Catering Whole Pig Roast
Skillet Catering Whole Pig Roast