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Deliciously Braised 2014

“Our Deliciously Braised Fridays will be eight weeks of downright weather forgetting, no apologies, flavorful food,” explains Skillet Executive Chef Nick Novello.  “Our amazing local suppliers like Carlton, Draper Valley and Stiebrs Farms have beautiful cuts of meat that are meant to be shared.”


December’s specials and braises include:

   Bone-in Short Ribs – braised in Overholt rye whiskey; charred trinity, New Mexico and Guangzhou peppers; and carrot juice. Served with cheddar grits, bacon collard greens, crispy sweet potato strings.

   Pork Shank – braised in coconut milk, chicken stock, charred leeks, fennel, Juniper and Chipotle peppers. Served with crispy grit cake, sweet potato, pine nuts, pomegranate seed and warm apples.

    Lamb Neck – classically braised in mushrooms and beef stock.  Served with garlic whipped Yukon potatoes, foraged mushrooms, turnip, rutabaga and tomato confit.

    Goat Hind Shanks – braised in goat’s milk, coriander, garlic cumin, allspice and mace.  Whipped butternut and acorn squash, fried walnuts, grilled rapini accompany


Premiering on December 12, each Friday after 5, we will feature one braised mouth watering delicious braised meat dish at both the Ballard and Capitol Hill Diners.

Missed the one you wanted?  We will repeat them in January!  

Call the Diner for reservations and more information.