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Summer Menu 2016

Summer Menu 2016

This is the best time of year to eat.

Chef Nick Novello makes new menu items every season. This summer he has incorporated the beautiful, yellow Pattypan Squash in several dishes at Skillet Cap Hill, Ballard and Regrade. Pattypan squash is small similar to zucchini and can be eaten in one bite. Chef Nick uses the whole vegetable so there is zero waste. He lightly blanches, and then roasts to order. The small size and outside sear prevents the inside from getting mushy. Nick describes them as “the sweetness of the yellow pattypan speaks summer to me” Incorporated in the grilled king salmon, summer skillet, beet cured salmon and the black-eyed peas and local vegetables dishes. These dishes taste like summer on a plate.

With all the new summer menu items, simplicity is the key. The clean crisp veggie flavors don’t need much help. And these dishes work toward big flavor with zero waste. The root to stem idea is key. The beet and carrot greens help complete the dishes and allows the full flavor to remain on the plate.

He has also using yellow wax beans and green beans. This year is an amazing time to eat these beans. The unique blend of rain and sun this spring has made the crop ready early. They are also sweeter. The increase of water has made the natural occurring sugars rise to the top, and when you char them, the sugars pop out. You get an amazing flavor; earthy, sweet and with a great texture. It’s a bold veggie flavor in a little bean.

this years seasonal summer line up:
• grilled king salmon – jalapeno, grilled corn, red peppers, charred spring onions, patty pan squash, cauliflower, yellow wax beans, green beans, sweet corn beurre blanc
• summer skillet – charred summer beans, cauliflower, baby patty pan squash, shaved beets, chili oil
• beet cured salmon & cauliflower steak – patty pan squash, yellow wax beans, green beans, grilled corn, beet greens, carrot puree
• black-eyed peas & local vegetables – baby patty pan squash, beet greens, charred summer beans, shaved beets, walnut arugula pesto, chili oil

Skillet Summer Menu Items