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Tallow Brioche Roll

Tallow Brioche Roll

Following more than a year of research and development, Skillet has an exclusive new brioche roll! With a burger often lauded among the best in town, this tasty development is our next iteration of goodness!

The secret ingredient? Beef Tallow. Inspired by big flavors and a commitment to whole animal use, the proprietary recipe was spearheaded by our own Chef Nick Novello and created in partnership with the Essential Baking Company.

It has a rich flavor and a silky feel that Chef Nick describes as “luxurious.” Our commitment to sustainable ranching and whole animal use is at the forefront of this decision; the tallow used in the new rolls comes from the same 100% Natural Grain Fed Northwest Beef found in every burger.

Why tallow? Chef Nick foresees beef tallow as the next iteration in sustainable ranching and an approachable opportunity for mainstream consumers to appreciate the entire animal. In addition to the new rolls, he is working on incorporating tallow into sauces and purees in place of butter, and several additional uses throughout his menus.

Guests who order The Burger, The Basic or The Chub from any of Skillet’s trucks or restaurants will sample the new buns effective immediately. A Macrina potato roll will continue to be served on veggie and chicken burgers. For a full menu and more information visit

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